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Is This Legit?
Why yes, yes it is! We also have some great partners and people who can vouch for us!

How long does it take to receive my order?
We offer almost instant delivery for most of the products after your order was approved.

Why haven't I received my order?
We are trying to process all orders as soon as possible. Please contact us after your order so we can check status of your purchase. Even that we are trying to stock up as much as we can with Steam items through different supply channels, we also have backorder items which may take up to few hours to obtain. If item has backorder delivery it will be stated in its listing.

Are you affiliated with Valve inc.?
Not at the moment. All services accessible on RPGSkins are provided as third party service (which fits perfectly fine with Valve terms and conditions).

How can I contact you?
You can email as at support@rpgskins.com in which case we will get back to you via email within an hour.

Why won't my prepaid / debit / credit card work?
Make sure you are entering all information correctly. In case it still does not work there are a number of possibilities to consider. Not all cards are supported by payment gateways. Typically only VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express will work. If you are paying by debit card you may also have reached your predefined spending limit or simply run out of funds. Contact your financial institution to find out. If you are paying as an unregistered user via a payment gateway, you may also have reached the spending limit for unregistered users in which case the remedy is to register and verify an account to continue making payments.

Can I earn money by recommending your website?
Sure, we are considering all forms of partnership, please email us at partners@rpgskins.com

Why Should I Use RPGSkins?
Because we LOVE our customers and work hard to please them! The real answer is quite lengthy, but let's try the short list:
Live support - we're always ready to help answer any questions and solve any problems you have.
Risk free - you can take back your items at any time and we take all fraud liabilities.
Community support - We are dedicated to supporting the gaming and trading communities.
We will continue to expand our community support as we grow.